Mandrake Linux 9.1
pre-installed with Accelerated-X

Linux is an operating system developed by a community of programmers and users to provide an alternate OS for a wide range of hardware and applications. Development on the core of the OS begin in 1991 by Linus Torvalds, and many applications and utilities have been added to it over time until it is now a fully-functional and enjoyable server, workstation, and desktop OS. Most of the code in Linux is freely available, which allows anyone with the right knowledge to customize any part of the OS or applications to fit what they want to do.

Mandrake Linux is primarily aimed at providing Linux for the desktop. There are numerous features added to make Windows and Mac users feel more at home so they don't have to enter into the command line as often for configuration, and a wide variety of applications are included, such as OpenOffice.org, so that the user can be instantly productive without having to have previous experience with Linux. To read about the software included, go here: http://www.mandrakelinux.com/en/features.php3

Included with the installation:

  • PowerNotebooks.com's installation and configuration of Mandrake Linux 9.1 installed
  • Accelerated-X Summit LX X server for the best graphical experience - either Bronze ($69 value) or Platinum ($129 value)
    • Accelerated-X packages included on DVD
    • Lifetime support from Xi Graphics for Accelerated-X, via phone and email
    • Downloadable bugfix updates from Xi Graphics
  • PowerNotebooks.com's Release Notes
  • Mandrake Linux 9.1 Installation on a single DVD

Dual-boot is also available with any Windows OS that is capable of being preinstalled by selecting both operating systems on the Customer Configurator for each model.

Xi Graphics provides Free Customer Support for their X server. If you have any graphical issues or questions, you can ask them. PowerNotebooks.com does not provide any support for Linux. If you have any questions or problems, you are welcome to post on the appropriate Linux forum (for example PowerNotebooks.com's Linux Forum) where the community is working together to make the experience more enjoyable.

Hardware compatibility

The links in this section discuss compatibility with the laptops we offer linux on.

Sager 8887/8882
PowerPro IV:28
PowerPro C 3:16

Xi Graphics Summit X server

While most applications for Linux are free, the drivers can often not be free as they require extensive knowledge and dedication to finishing well, which is often difficult and dull to do. Accelerated-X is a replacement for the standard Linux X server, XFree86. Accelerated-X has better laptop feature support, much better driver support, and is faster in both 2D and 3D. We have chosen to carry their Bronze and Platinum Editions. You can view their major features in the table below. We do not have any installation options available which use XFree86 rather than Accelerated-X.

Accelerated-X Summit LX Editions
Features & Capabilities Support 2D 2D+3D
LX Bronze
$69 value
LX Platinum
$129 value
High Performance 2D Graphics X X
Comprehensive Monitor/FP Support X X
USB Suppport X X
Broad I/O Device Support X X
Virtual Desktop (panning) X X
TrueType Font Rendering X X
Graphical Setup Utility X X
Color Magic Module X X
Laptop DualView . X
VMWare FullScreen Compatible . X
Power Throttle Module X X
OpenGL 3D Accelerated-X Rendering . X
XiG Direct Access Mode . X
Stereo 3D (on ext monitor only) . X
Video Window . X
TV Out . X

If you have any questions about the PowerNotebooks Mandrake 9.1 Linux installation, please post them on PowerNotebooks.com's Linux Forum


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